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Life Insurance

It is a deal that the contract holder pays a premium and the insurance company compromises to pay to the beneficiary of the contract a capital or an income on the conditions established in the case of the insured’s death or his survival on a certain date.

These risks, death and survival, may be included together in the same policy or separated in different policies. When they are included in the same policy they are called contracts of mixed insurances, and they cover:

  • The risk of death of the insured during the validity of the policy.
  • And the survival on a certain date.
  • Resides these risks it is common that the life insurance covers the eventuality of disability that avoids the insured the development of its work, being permanent of temporary.

Life and saving systems

  • Life insurances
  • Retirement plans
  • Pension plans
  • PPA (Pension plans assured)
  • PIAS (Individual plans for systematic saving)
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