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There is a basic type whose contracting is of binding provision for all the people owning a vehicle, and for that reason it is called obligatory insurance for the motor and it covers the civil liability of the owner and the driver of the vehicle —in the case of not being the same person— for the damages and harms that may create to third parties. It also includes the legal defense with certain limits. This type is regulated on a detailed way by the state’s regulations.

Together with this basic type there can be found other voluntary complements: it is called voluntary insurance for civil liability, and it covers possible indemnities to third parties on top of the amounts included in the obligatory insurance; the insurance for occupants, the same as the previous one but it is specific for the occupants of the vehicle; the insurance for own damages or all risk insurance, for the damages that the vehicle of the person insured may suffer; own vehicle’s windscreens insurance, this is a sub-type of the previous one; accidents’ insurance for the driver, this is an insurance on the driver’s life, as it is not covered by the obligatory insurance; the insurance for the legal defense as far as it is not covered by the obligatory one; the assistance in the travel, etc.

There is also a variant «with excess» that is used mainly in the cars’ all risk insurances, instead of covering the total of the accident, it only covers from the amount contributed by the person insured.


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