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Civil Liability

Every individual or legal entity can create harm to a third party, through an action, omission or negligence. The harm may involve criminal consequences, when the action, omission or negligence is categorized as a crime, civil consequences when not being a crime, it is necessary to repair or replace the previous estate to the damage or both.

The foundation of civil liability is based on the articles 1.902, 1.903 and next in the Civil Code:

  • The article 1.902 of the Civil Code establishes: "The person who, as a result o fan action or omission, causes damage to another by his fault or negligence shall be obliged to repair the damage caused".
  • El art. 1.903 adds: "The obligation imposed pursuant to the precedent article shall be enforceable not only as a result of one’s own actions or omissions but also of those of such persons for whom one is liable”

Civil Liability

  • Companies
  • Proffessionals
  • Administrators / Managers
  • Civil Liability for pets
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