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Technical Services Management

  • Works related to the management of the services of the community, maintenance of the common goods and control of the works that the community meeting decides to do.
  • Monitoring of any kind of building faults until they are rectified by the building company (during the first years of the community).
  • Constant revision of the services and maintenances, controlling the suppliers to ensure the quality and fulfillment of the budgets.
  • Monitoring and solution of problems that may affect the running of the community and the owners’ comfort.
  • Search of suppliers, creation of conditions to obtain estimates comparable and presentation of the information to the community officers.
  • Creation and control of the maintenance contracts for the services and goods of the community and also with suppliers of services and works.
  • Administrative management of the works before the corresponding authorities: licenses, planning permissions, etc...
  • Management of the swimming pools and leisure or sports areas: legalization, opening licenses for the seasons, adaptation to the current regulation, regulation for the use and enjoyment, vigilance and control of the hygiene, etc...
  • Contracting, under the community instructions, the corresponding insurance policy, processing of any claims with said insured company.
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