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Finantial Management

  • Works related to the financial control of the community. This includes all works related to the budgeting, cashing and payments associated to the running of the community.
  • Creation of annual budgets and breakdown of the incomes and expenses corresponding to each owner.
  • Proactive search of subventions and any other way to reduce the monthly cost for the owners, also the preparation and presentation of the necessary information from the corresponding organizations.
  • Management of the receipts for the cashing of the quotas.
  • Claim the unpaid receipts from the debtors in a way that the President and officers won’t be compromised. If the community agrees, we can start the “proceso monitorio” (legal demand).
  • Payment to the suppliers of the community. In case of being works, the payments would be related to the real advance of the works, if the community agrees it so.
  • Detailed financial information of the community being at the disposal of all the owners.
  • Closing balance and statement of account of the financial year.
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