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Administration Management

  • Works related to the community meetings, management of the employees being on the payroll and fulfilment of the Laws affecting the running of the community.
  • Take the necessary steps to constitute a new community: creation of the statutes, obtain the NIF, apply for the supplies, contracting the different maintenances and all those things that the community may need for its correct running.
  • Notification for the Meetings within legally established time scale, attendance of a secretary and an interpreter.
  • Creation and distribution of the minutes to all the owners, both in Spanish and English versions.
  • Issuing certificates for the owners.
  • Daily management of the community staff: wages, social insurances, holidays, replacements, applicable agreements, new registers and leaves, work calendar, etc...
  • Development of the necessary works in order to fulfil the work risks law.
  • Development of the necessary work in order to fulfil the Data Protection Law.
  • Custody of the community files and archives.
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