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To understand the essence of the accidents’ insurances, it is convenient to understand the definition of “accident”: bodily harm derived from a cause being violent, sudden, external and that has nothing to do with the purpose of the person insured. Such harm may provoke the temporary or permanent disability or death, also the necessity of expenses for medical care.

There are many examples in these types of policies: there are insurances for sports accidents, industrial accidents, children accidents, sick leave’s accidents, accidents’ insurances for work-experience in companies.

The travel insurance offers different covers: full, medical, legal and luggage to all the travelers willing to travel abroad. In this kind of insurance the insurer companies provide attention all the time through their operating head office, offering to the traveler a real protection in case of an accident, illness, etc.

The travel insurance can be for a sort period, long period or annual for multi-travels for the frequent travelers. They have amounts limited on the provision used by the traveler.


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  • Agreements
  • Subsidies for sick leaves, illness and accident
  • Assistance in personal travel
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