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The Company

Alhambra Holdings are one of the Larket leaders thanks to its quality of service to their clients and professionalism. With more than 20 years experience to hand we are confident we can significantly reduce your communal expenses to your satisfaction.

To become the President of your community you are in safe hands with us. Also, if you contract our services, we organise the change of administrator simply and effectively.

All in all, we are professional administrators of communities totally dedicated to the satisfaction of our clients:

  • We can reduce your monthly quota with an efficient management of the expenses, an exhaustive control of the estimates and suppliers, monitoring of the works and search of subventions.
  • We strive continuously to improve the quality of services provided to your community, controlling the suppliers’ works, ensuring the achievement of the periods and estimates and always valuing the level of satisfaction of the owners.
  • We have at your disposal clear, simple and updated information regarding the financial state of your community and the running of the services. Also, our owners can check all the information of their community by internet in our virtual office.

We administrate communities of owners in any municipality within the province of Almería.

Profile of the Company

Our company prides itself to meet the demand of quality and professionalism in the services of administration of communities, the communities of owners. We work in three areas in order to be able to provide this service.

Form a multidisciplinary team having a clear vocation of service. In our company work administrators of communities registered with the collaboration of lawyers, economists, engineers, project manages, etc. to provide the best service to your community.

Improve our services and operative processes every day. Drawing on our experience, adapting to the size and specific necessities of each community, ensuring its owners’ satisfaction. For example, we have been pioneers at the time to offer the services associated to the Data Protection Law (LOPD) and the Prevention of Work Risks Law in everything related to the communities of owners and in getting subventions.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of our work looks for managing efficiently the resources of the community and attend all the time the necessities of the owner. Our management strives for the well balanced attainment of the following attributes:

  • Efficiency
  • Transparency
  • Simplicity
  • Professionalism
  • Quality
  • Pro-activity
  • Integral management